What drives us?

A passion...

       We represent a new force in the behavioral sciences that reverses the flow of information.  Until recently, clinicians have been in a trickle-down economy when it comes to applying research in their practice.  

        Our goal is to create a torrent of activity that directly feeds the efforts of those on the front line. Our system is built on utilizing data from all available sources.  Our plan is to give back in the form of outcomes and in AI solutions. We are here to make a significant impact.


Meets new science...

       Neurology and the advent of increasingly advanced imaging technology is the great equalizer that enables our work through design and, eventually, as a source of data.  

       The neurosciences have already made an impact in mental health treatment through verifying the effectiveness of  activities historically neglected by research such as meditation, yoga, and mindfulness training. Beneficial practices have gained serious traction in both research and practice.  

        We will initially advance through the collection of data from those who have the most exposure to the behavior and situations that impact their life. And, in this context, the educated, trained, licensed and experienced clinicians that work with them.  




And busts a paradigm.

        Imagine the information that we will all have when we collect this targeted data from tens of thousands of clinicians  over the next 2,4,10+ years.  Now imagine that the data collected represents every known environmental impact and its influence on cognitive/affective processing throughout the progression of a specific behavior.

        Finally, what if the program were to loop the analytics back into the system and... learn... to become more efficient... more predictive.  The benefit would be staggering and it would change the way we understand and respond to behavior.  

About the Founder

The power of technology meets a weathered, retired therapist

        The knowledge base in the mental health field is growing exponentially and has changed dramatically since I was first licensed as a professional counselor in '96.   However, I am not convinced that the science is making its way into the field as efficiently as possible as a historical and current issue.

        I learned the importance of behavioral baselines when working with children with developmental delays prior to becoming a counselor and I then developed my chops in creative discipline as a clinician and director of adolescent treatment programs.  While that was a great clinical (developmental) foundation, my eyes were forced wide open when I went into private practice and became certified in the evaluation and treatment of dangerous felons (both in prison and the community).  

        Increasing the ability to predict behavior became a critical focus and led to a process that has evolved over the past 20 years.  Having had the opportunity to assist with the stand-up of the Community Counseling and Marine Intercept Programs at USMC, MCAGCC 29 Palms, I was better able to conceptualize the processes found in the solutions that we offer. 

At the end of the day

We want to help those who need it the most

By empowering people through research and technology...

That is who we are. Come help us take our ideas to the next level