An INtroduction

Algorithms that apply brain science to life...

This may already seem as a rather technical endeavor.  Keep in mind that the technology and math is on our side of the equation (pun intended).  Our solutions, from parenting and self-help to the more advanced clinical solutions are intuitive and user friendly

We offer a novel approach in the science of understanding who we are and why we do the things we do.   From assisting individuals and families to delivering evidence-generated outcomes in critical fields to developing novel solutions in AI, we are moving in a new, exciting direction.  

To better understand our experience...

We enable the ability to track psychological performance across a broad range of environmental impacts (life) as well as the ability (cognitive and affective) to process and respond (behavior) within the immediate environment.  Our solutions combine current research from the neurosciences, psychology and basic, generalized principles from physics.  These solutions are designed towards ease of use and speed.

And more, as we continue to progress towards:

  • Free clinical outcome measures in critical fields such as suicide and domestic/interpersonal violence as well as general care
  • Artificial Intelligence (simulate cognitive and affective processes as applied to behavioral probabilities)
  • Research applications using big data


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