Clinical Outcome MEasurement Protocol

Everyone can afford free...

Mental health clinicians around the world can enjoy free outcome measurement solutions and become directly involved in the scientific process.

We provide several tools that will aid in building treatment plans, track intervention effectiveness and increase clinician confidence through an evidence and research supported process.  

As our data bank grows, clinicians will also be able to compare behavioral drives against populations with similar struggles to better understand how these drives interact and form behavior. 

You want to save time as well...

Is there a clinician anywhere that is not stressed for time?  We are secure in the knowledge that if we do not meet your needs in managing time, we will not be successful.

We are confident that the time you will save in formulating a treatment plan alone will impress. The clinical picture that the ROEG-I will provide when the inventory is scored over time is beyond any other program in the industry. 

Our ability to save you time while providing an incredible amount of information is rapidly evolving and a primary focus of our efforts. 

So, do we have a deal for you...

Leverage your efforts. Get the knowledge and results you want while we do the work.  

Our inventories do not collect personal or medical information that is protected by HIPPA or can be used to identify clients.  Non Identifying data that we collect is to be made widely available for research purposes.   

These free outcome solutions are currently accessed and scored in the cloud using Microsoft Excel and OneDrive. OneDrive and Excel can be accessed through a free (OneDrive) Microsoft account or by purchasing  Microsoft 365.   We are in the process of developing our own programs for the more advanced AI solutions and will have updated outcome systems available as we continue to progress.